Plastic Surgery: What’s age got to do with it?

Plastic Surgery: What’s age got to do with it?

By Mary Cunningham

Most of us would tend to agree that age isn’t just a number – it’s also a mindset. We hope that our old age will be illustrated through our hard earned wisdom and the care that we’ve shown our bodies, not the number on our driver’s license or birth certificate.

However, no matter how much we care for our physical self, there may still come a time when professional help is needed to get the body’s exterior to match our inner sense of youth. From facelifts to Botox, eye surgery or skin tightening, cosmetic procedures aim to get our physical appearance to reflect our youthful spirit.

But could you be too old for cosmetic or plastic surgery? Turns out that the answer is no – at least in terms of what studies have shown about factors in successful surgeries. Given the advancements in technology and techniques to perform a procedure, older patients are just as safe as younger patients to undergo plastic surgery, provided that they do not have overall health issues. There are many factors involved when one is considering a plastic surgery procedure, which is why it is essential to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon in order to determine if you, at any age, are ready to have plastic surgery.

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Thigh Liposuction vs. Thigh Lift: Which is right for you?

Thigh Lift vs. Thigh Liposuction

By Nancy Weinberg Simon

When it comes to you and your appearance, a healthy diet and regular exercise can do a lot. But unfortunately, lean and sculpted legs are not always the end result. In fact, when it comes your thighs, sometimes genetics make it nearly impossible to have the size and shape that you want. Fortunately you’re not without options, thanks to plastic surgery!

There is much debate over whether a Thigh Lift or Liposuction produces a better end result for your thighs. In the end, it seems neither one procedure is better than the other and that the decision of which option is better for you is completely up to you and your doctor after thoroughly considering your health and overall situation.

The only way to know which procedure is right for you is to talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Law says, “Procedure selection really boils down to the nature of one’s skin in the treatment areas. Youthful elastic skin will tolerate a significant amount of fat removal by liposuction without resulting in unfavorable skin laxity. As degrees of skin laxity increase, the amount of liposuction that can be performed decreases, and with significant degrees of skin laxity, liposuction alone is not a good option.”

If a healthy diet and regular exercise have not gotten rid of any stubborn or disproportionate pockets of fat, your weight is stable, and you’re close to your ideal weight, you might be a good candidate for one or both of these procedures. In general, “lipo” has an easier recovery than a thigh lift surgery but sometimes liposuction alone is not sufficient to achieve the desired results. In either case, it’s crucial to seek evaluation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced with liposuction and thigh lift surgery. Dr. Law says, “There is no substitute for experience and expertise in the process of determining whether a patient should undergo liposuction versus thigh lift surgery, or a combination of the two as a single procedure or as staged procedures.”

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Spider Vein Treatment

Spider Vein Treatment Spider Vein Treatment by Dr. Usha RajagopalAs posted on Smart Beauty Guide

Spider vein treatment is also known as sclerotherapy and laser vein treatment.

Spider veins (which should not be confused with varicose veins) are dilated or stretched blood vessels characterized by a branching pattern and are often found on the thigh, lower leg, or occasionally on the face. Spider veins are progressive in nature and usually increase in number and visibility with age. Sclerotherapy and laser vein treatments are used to treat these vessels, erasing them from your skin.

When to Consider Spider Vein Treatment

  • If you have visible veins on your legs that exhibit a branching or web-like pattern
  • If you have a pattern of branching veins on your face that you attempt to conceal
  • If you feel that your spider veins are a sign of aging and that you would like to eliminate them

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Got Rid of My Bulge with Cool Sculpting

usha rajagopal reviews


The More Natural Solution: CoolSculpting®

Cryolipolysis® popularly know as Coolsculpting is the non-invasive cooling of adipose tissue to induce lipolysis – the breaking down of fat cells – to reduce body fat.

Developed by Harvard scientists, the FDA-cleared, patented procedure uses a targeted cooling process that kills the fat cells underneath the skin, literally freezing them to the point of elimination, and requiring no knives, suction hoses, needles, or scars. Because only fat cells are frozen, your healthy skin cells also remain healthy. Once crystallized, the fat cells die and are naturally eliminated from your body.

Check out this article posted on Smart Beauty Guide to hear form a patient who’s satisfied with her CoolSculpting results:

“I was able to pick out a fat area that I didn’t like, starting with the saggy area on my back because I hated it. My doctor set me up the next week, each side took about an hour. I wasn’t uncomfortable in any way, shape, or form,” says Belinda.

Coolsculpting is a nonsurgical body contouring procedure that uses controlled cooling in an attempt reduce fat. The human body will then naturally flush out the treated fat cells. However, Coolsculpting does not produce the same results as liposuction.

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Can a Mommy Makeover Restore Your Pre Baby Body?

Pre-baby body







By Michael A. Bogdan MD, FACS

Mommy makeover are a procedure that have been receiving a lot of media attention. Patients who have never previously visited my office requesting a “mommy makeover” even when they don’t know exactly what that means! I thought it might be a good idea to go over what the term means, and why it is becoming so popular.

What is a “Mommy”?
First off, every one should know what a “mommy” is – we all have one! (And I’m even married to one!) All joking aside, any woman who has children is a mom, and is aware of the changes that come along with childbearing. Some women were lucky and were not negatively affected by pregnancy and breast-feeding, while the process has literally devastated others. A mommy makeover is any set of surgical procedures aimed at reversing the changes associated with childbearing, with the goal of returning to the “pre-baby” body. Since the changes are not always the same for every woman, the procedure is customized to suit the individual patient’s needs.

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After Undergoing a Tummy Tuck, Here are the Top 9 Tips for Your Recovery

Dr. Usha Rajagopal's tummy tuck







By Aly Walansky

Certainly a part of anyone older than 30 who has a fantasy body makeover will probably involve a tummy tuck. Cut out your seemingly impossible to eliminate stomach fat and do it now! However, as miraculous as the results can be, it is still a surgery and there’s careful preparation and post-surgery considerations that need to be taken into account for the best possible recovery (and results!)

Proper diet before (and after)
As much as we may think we’re going to be instantly skinny post-surgery, we still have to pay attention to what we’re putting in our body, before and after. “I recommend a normal diet beforehand. There should not be any significant attempts to lose weight immediately before surgery,” says board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Antonio Gayoso. “We also advise our patients to be off of medications and over-the-counter supplements that are blood thinners,” he notes.

Avoid infections
With all surgeries, there are risks. But we can lessen those risks by prepping right. “Before surgery we ask patients to bathe with a chlorhexidine solution in order to decrease bacterial counts and therefore decrease the chance of infection,” explains Dr. Gayoso.

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Why it’s Important to Moisturize!


Dr. Usha Rajagopal thinks it's important to moisturize

It’s so important to Moisturize! In simplest terms, moisturizers work to reverse the effects of dry skin. Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) is the process of how skin dries up. Blood vessels supply moisture only to the middle layer of skin, the dermis. The water then migrates to the epidermis before it evaporates.

Dr. Usha Rajagopal and staff at the San Francisco Plastic Surgery and Laser Center know it’s important to moisturize because moisturizers work to retain certain levels of oil and water in your skin to keep it soft!

Specific Types of Moisturizers:

-Forms a barrier over the skin that water can’t penetrate which stops water evaporation and keeps your skin moist.
(May cause acne or folliculitis)

I.e. Petroleum Jelly/Vaseline

-Penetrates skin, makes softer and flexible by filling in the cracks in dry skin.

-Stimulates molecules that affect TEWL by drawing in moisture from the air surrounding your face and body.

I.e. Glycerin/Hyaluronic Acid

Moisturizers usually carry one to three of these ingredients and are categorized to help dry skin, oily skin, acne prone skin or a combination of the three. Moisturizers are available in creams, lotions and oil forms. No matter what your skin type or what type of moisturizer works best for you, it is ever so important to moisturize.

The Misconception That Lifting Heavy Weights And Eating Carbs Will Make You “Bulky”

The misconception that lifting heavy weights and eating carbs will make you “bulky”.

Let’s face it – we all know that health and fitness go hand in hand.

Although we understand that the path to a fit and healthy physique involves a good diet and exercise, many fail to find a long term plan that will fit their lifestyle.

First, let’s break down the term, “Diet”.
Many associate this term with restriction of food, and losing weight. For the purpose of this article, the operational definition of the term diet is as follows: the food that a person eats.

Every single person and living creature participates in some form of a diet. The difference lies in what each particular diet is meant to accomplish. Yes – some use diets to lose weight, but others may incorporate a particular diet to maintain or even gain weight.

Now that the term diet has been broken down and defined – it’s time to specifically discuss what healthy diets are and how we can incorporate them into our lifestyle. At the San Francisco Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center, Dr. Usha Rajagopal our staff always acknowledge and approve of healthy eating habits! Specifically, Healthy diets are balanced and consist of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Whether you’re trying to lose, maintain or gain weight – the common denominator in your diet should be: Real food.

Chemically engineered food is not part of a healthy diet. Shocker.

Although it is completely acceptable to indulge in dessert and cheat meals once in a while, the majority of a healthy diet will consist of real food.

Real food includes protein – meat, lots of it. If you have an iron deficiency, eating more meat will improve your physical and mental being drastically. You see – red blood cells carry oxygen to our muscles including our brain. If you are deprived of food that will supply oxygen to your brain, you won’t be able to think logically or function properly.

Vegans or vegetarians! I’m not here to discriminate. There are plenty of other sources of protein that can assist your diet, including supplementation, but let’s face it – there’s nothing like the real thing.

Fat: We need it. Mass media marketing has its consumers brainwashed. Body Mass Index(BMI) has everyone fooled. These may be bold statements, but everyone should be aware of all of the facts. There are good and bad fatty foods, but in general I want to get the point across that you can eat fat and be healthy. Fat helps our brains function in the morning and throughout the day(add butter to your coffee for that extra boost in the AM). Although we shouldn’t be eating buckets of fat, a little bit won’t hurt our diets! The thing consumers(me and you) should be frightened of are the products that claim to be “Fat Free”.

Now let’s break down the term “Fat Free”. Many associate this term with healthy snacks, and losing weight. For the purpose of this article, the operational definition of the term “Fat Free” is as follows: chemical shitstorm.

Earlier we learned that the healthiest foods are natural – not chemically engineered. Have you ever looked at the back of your fat-free snack? All those ingredients that are hard to pronounce have no place in your body! The best foods you can buy don’t have a label or expiration date on them, because they are real and not full of chemicals. Not only are fat-free foods bad for you – they are the worst.

Alternative options for snacks that are healthy include: nuts and berries.

A handful of nuts(almonds, pistachios, etc) are a good healthy source of fat!

If you’re craving a different sort of indulgence – you can freeze your raspberries or blackberries and eat them as a late night snack(in replacement of ice cream). Yum! This leads me to carbohydrates. Fruits are a good healthy source of carbs. We are overwhelmed with such a large selection of carbs, we must balance our  diets appropriately. It is possible to get enough carbs from vegetables and fruits to sustain your diet. Carbs aren’t bad and we shouldn’t restrict them from our diets. We just have to find the right carbs to eat to keep us from getting “bulky”.  Many have become aware of “gluten-free” diets, which essentially means wheat free (I’m personally totally behind). No wheat means less bloating and room for better food intake that will fuel you throughout the day.

General rule of thumb:consume more protein than carbohydrates. You will feel less bloated and more energized to take on any physically demanding activity.

Diets should be used in conjunction with a fitness regime.

Typically, people are afraid of what they don’t know. There are a good amount of people who are terrified of lifting weights, some are afraid of injuries and others are afraid of becoming “bulky”. We need to break these stereotypes.

Lifting can benefit individuals in the long run.  Physically, lifting can prevent osteoporosis by building strong bones. Mentally, lifting is an outlet, a form of therapy to release stress. Implementing the right lifting program for each individual can prove to be beneficial.

Simply put, lifting heavy weights builds muscle, and muscle burns body fat(even at rest).

For those who want to lose weight, and look lean or ripped – you must lift weight and build muscle. Lifting in conjunction with the right diet(including good carbs!) will not make you bulky. Find a fitness regime that you enjoy, and a good trainer that you can work with to set individualized goals. Set behavioral goals that are easy to accomplish so you won’t set yourself up for failure. Behavioral goals include:meeting with your trainer at least three times per week. At the San Francisco Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center, Dr.Usha Rajagopal our staff keep each other accountable to keep active and in shape!  It is important to be accountable in your fitness journey, so find a buddy to work out with, record your workouts and be consistent in your training. Results will take time, and every little effort counts. Some fun ways to lift weight include, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Bodybuilding and CrossFit. Do your research, find what fits your lifestyle and try it out!

Throw away your scale, eat a balanced diet of real food, lift weights, have fun and trust in the process!

Why It’s Great To Have A Big Butt

Dr. Rajagopal says its healthy to have a big butt


In the past, media primarily focused on small waists and big breasts. In 2015, Brazilian Butt Lifts and Gummy Bear Breast implants are sculpting and contouring women to appear natural and proportionate in size. Dr. Usha Rajagopal and staff at the San Francisco Plastic Surgery and Laser Center believe that a curvy behind represents femininity and strength!

Men and women can benefit from devine derrières alike. Think of all the great athletes of the world – they all had great glutes! From football players to ballet dancers, a firm and balanced behind represented strength and beauty. Divas like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez are well recognized for representing women in the music and entertainment business and both have beautiful proportionate behinds to match their big personalities!

A beautiful behind represents femininity and youthfulness! As a person ages, certain things may not sit in the same place as years prior. A Brazilian Butt Lift can reverse the effects of aging on the derrière. A firm and perky behind fits better in clothes – from jeans to dresses and bikinis! Think of Marilyn Monroe and how she was praised for her classic measurements of 36-24-36. Men and women adored her, her femininity and classic curves!

It’s never too late to live life in the body you love!

The Bachelorette’s Britt and Kaitlyn

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There’s a new spin this season on the Bachelorette. ABC couldn’t make up their minds as to who to choose, so the network decided upon two ladies. Unfortunately, after the season premiere of the unconventional dating show on Monday, May 19th Britt and Kaitlyn found out that there was only room for one. Now, it’s up to the gentlemen to decide who gets the rose. Some may question the authenticity of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, but you can’t fake style! We love a well put together lady or gentlemen at the San Francisco Plastic Surgery and Laser Center. We’re looking at our top candidates of men for Britt and Kaitlyn!

About Britt
The warm, bubbly Britt Nilsson was unforgettable in the last season of The Bachelor. Many of the other girls were jealous of the chemistry between Britt and Chris Soules. Chris did not believe that Britt would fit his farm lifestyle, so he had to let the Hollywood waitress go. Luckily, Britt has her second chance on The Bachelorette to search for her next best friend. During the season premiere many guys questioned if Britt is wife material or merely just a trophy wife. Britt will have to show more than her beauty if she wants to stay as the bachelorette for the rest of this season.

About Kaitlyn
Humorous, Kaitlyn Bristowe is an acquired taste. Viewers from last seasons Bachelor know very well that though Kaitlyn may not strike the best first impression she is not someone you can easily miss in a crowd. Kaitlyn is beautiful, intelligent, and has a very risqué sense of humor. The dance instructor ends her toast during the season premiere with a knock knock joke, asking the men who the next bachelorette is.

Our 3 Favorite Guys – First Impressions

Chris – This dentist from Tennessee impressed the women upon arrival in a cupcake! Yes, the tall, dimpled dentist drove a strange vehicle that resembled a cupcake as a sweet gesture for Kaitlyn and Britt!

Shawn B – This personal trainer from Connecticut is extremely good looking! The ladies immediately took notice to Shawn and what an impression he made. Britt was a bit disappointed when she saw how Shawn B made more of a connection with Kaitlyn.

Justin – Another fitness trainer from Illinois that is exceptionally handsome! Justin is looking for partnership, maybe he will get along well with Britt who is looking for a best friend!